Friendships are Tested in “Daddy Issues”

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 13 – Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues, episode 13 of season two, starts off with Tyler storming to Caroline and asking about Mason, even though he knows she wasn't really the one who killed him. Meanwhile, Stefan heads to the Lockwoods to talk to Tyler about Mason's death. As expected, Tyler is mistrustful of Stefan, despite the vampire's insistence that modern supernaturals should leave the old bad blood in the past.

Later, Caroline makes plans to meet with Matt at the Grill, but she misses the meeting as Brady, one of Jules' minions, shoots the young vampire in the head with a wooden bullet, dragging her off into a cage in the woods. As she's locked up, Brady tortures her with vervain and wooden bullets.

As usual, the brothers Salvatore come in to the rescue. Jules wants Tyler in exchange for Caroline. While Damon has other plans, he's willing to follow Stefan's lead if it works. Stefan says he wants to see Caroline before he releases Tyler, and Jules gives the signal, prompting several armed lycanthropes to surround them. A fight ensues as Tyler sneaks in to rescue Caroline, Damon gets shot and Stefan gets staked, but not in the heart.

the vampire diaries season 2 episode 13 daddy issuesSuddenly, all the werewolves except for Tyler fall to the ground. As it turns out, Elijah sent Luka's father to protect them because of Elijah's promise to protect Elena's loved ones. Luka Senior tells Tyler to tell the lycanthropes to get out before leaving.

Later, Jon tells Damon he is willing to work with them since he knows the brothers will take care of Elena. He also gives him a kit fit to kill Originals, comprised of a dagger and white oak tree ash to dip it into. Matt also calls Caroline; in her dazed post-torture state, she lies about being with Bonnie, but she doesn't realize that Bonnie's also at the Grill with Jeremy while Matt's there. Tyler also drops by to see Caroline, but she slams the door in his face.

Tapering down to 3.22 million viewers, the tension is still very high in the air as things are exploding left and right for the townsfolk. Fans worry about Tyler as he's now lost his only friend, meaning he has nobody to help protect the beast from within. Only future episodes can tell whether Tyler can help manage his inner beast or if he may end up wreaking his own special brand of lupine havoc.

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