Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore – Played by Paul Wesley

Stefan Salvatore, a 162 year old vampire played by Paul Wesley (also known from the ABC Family miniseries Fallen). Salvatore is the narrator of The Vampire Diaries and is the main male protagonist and hero. He is a Mystic Falls native who was raised by his father Giuseppe after his mother passed away when he was younger. He also has an older brother named Damon who he was once very close with (when they were human).

Things change between the brothers when Damon meets and falls in love with a vampire named Katherine, who Stefan also had feelings for. It is Katherine who turned both young men into vampires, Damon willingly and Stefan against his will. As a new vampire Stefan had become out of control, killing many people due to blood lust and earning the moniker “The Ripper” from towns folk. He was eventually taught to control his urges by a fellow vampire named Alexia who becomes his close friend and confidant.

After many years of self-imposed exile Stefan returns to Mystic Falls and comes across Elena Gilbert’s horrific car accident. He manages to save Elena’s life, though tragically he cannot save her parents. They soon strike up a romantic relationship and he reveals his secret vampire identity. The plot soon thickens as Damon returns as well and starts to fall in love with his brother’s new girlfriend. The two brothers eventually begin to reconcile after decades of animosity.

At the beginning of The Vampire Diaries Stefan only drinks blood from small animals due to his addiction to human blood, though Elena allows him to drink some of hers to counteract the effects of animal blood, which leaves him weak and vulnerable.

Memeorable Quotes From Stefan Salvatore

“If she turns off her humanity, I don’t think we’ll ever get her back. I’ll do anything to save her.”


“How about we just leave the murdering to Damon?”


“Says the girl who spends her alone time writing in a cemetery.”


“I did what I had to do. To protect Elena. To protect everyone. Yes Damon… the headline reads: Deadly beast captured. All is well in Mystic Falls.”


“I didn`t care I had something my brother wanted. I didn`t even care if I hurt him. I only knew that I wanted her.”

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